Questions About Ice Cream, Frozen Drink Machine and Party Rentals

image14Question: Are the machines easy to use?

Answer: Yes. In fact we will teach you how to use our ice cream machines. When you get the machine to wherever you are going to have it during the party you just plug it in, pour in the ready to use ice cream mix that we sell, turn the machine on and that’s it!

Question: How long does it take to make ice cream?

Answer: About 10 – 15 minutes

 Can I put the ice cream machine outside?

Answer: Yes, but you will probably want to keep our ice cream machine in the shade!


Question: Do I need to have someone run the machine throughout the party or event?image21

Answer: Not at all! The whole idea is for your guests to be able to serve ice cream to themselves and have as much as they would like!


Question: How will I know when to fill the machine?

Answer: The machine has a mix low light that will come on and remind you to fill it.


Question: Do I have to clean the machine?

Answer: No.  We will clean the ice cream machine(s) when we pick them up AFTER your event or party!

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